Welcome Fall and Summer 2014 New Graduate Students! Below is a link to the Forest & Wildlife Ecology New Student Informaiton Guide.  In the guide you will find information about housing, Madison, orientiation, benefits, enrollment, etc.  This guide is intended to be a general overview of course requirements.  For a complete listing of program requirements please visit the Forestry Handbook and the Wildlife Ecology Handbook pages.

New Student Information Guide

If you have any questions please contact Sara Rodock (608-262-9926), the Student Services Coordinator. To help with planning please notify Sara with the date that you plan to arrive in Madison.


The department Forest & Wildlife Ecology and the Russell Labs Administrative Hub will provide two orientation events that are strongly recommended for all new students.  Students who are unable to attend must notify Sara (rodock@wisc.edu) by August 15th.  

  • New Student Orientation - Wednesday, August 26th from 9:30 am-12:30 pm, Room 584 Russell Labs
    • Orientation will begin with coffee and snacks and will end with a lunch with faculty and graduate student reps
    • Topics covered will include welcome and introductions, what to do before classes begin, general building resources, HR and benefits information, and program specific information
  • HR and Benefits Sign-Up Session - Thursday, August 27th starting at 11:00 am, Room A120 Russell Labs
    • Department funded RAs, TAs, PAs, and fellows will need to attend this session to get their appointment and benefits set up for the fall

Students who begin their funding in Summer 2014 need to contact Lance Potter (608-263-4520) to set up their benefits when they arrive.

Last updated April 23, 2015

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